beads, fibre and looms weekend

I am thrilled to present three exciting classes in conjunction with Pin-It Canada. Located at picturesque Fanshawe College, each class will involve working on a loom - either with beads or fibre - or both! Complete details and photos will be coming soon, but here is a taste of what you can expect:

The basics of beading on a loom

Friday, June 21
9:30am  - 1:00pm

Using a loom for beadwork is a time-honoured way to create bracelets, belts and so much more. Using the Jewel Loom, you'll learn how to warp, add beads to create a bracelet. You'll also learn how to easily remove the beadwork from the loom and finish it. You'll use one of several designs provided to you, or you can create your own unique design. A Jewel Loom, complete instructions and a selection of beads will be provided.

Tapestry weaving on a Beading Loom

Friday, June 21
2:00 - 5:30pm

Yes, you can do weft-facing tapestry on a beading loom! We'll use the Jewel Loom to create a tapestry bracelet you'll be proud to show-off to your friends and family. You'll learn how to warp the Jewel Loom for tapestry weaving and see what fibres work well on this small-format loom. You'll also explore adding beads to your masterpiece. A Jewel Loom, complete instructions, fibres and beads will be provided.

Tapestry weaving for Beginners

Saturday June 22
10:00am - 5:00pm

Learn to 'paint' with fibre! Using a small 'Lisa' Loom by Louette, you'll learn about warp, weft and some of the weaves you can use to create your own masterpiece. We'll discuss fibres and look at options in this full-day class so that you'll be able design and carry through finishing your piece of art. A small 'Lisa' loom, written instructions, and all the tools and fibres you need will be provided.